Coaching, Critiques, and Demo Reel Reviews

Are you looking to take your character animation skills to the next level? Perhaps you’re a student just starting out, or maybe you have broken into the industry already, but you feel like your career has stagnated and are looking to level up to improve your job prospects. Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes on a shot you have been working on for awhile. Whatever your situation, you have come to the right place.


Whether you’re looking to get a better understanding of the fundamental principles of animation, improve your body mechanics or push your acting choices and lip-sync, I offer a number of services designed with flexibility in mind. I will meet you at your level and custom tailor a path to improve your skill set and strengthen your reel.

I have been animating professionally for over 14 years, and during that time, I have mentored a number of aspiring animators as they progressed along their journey.  I have also been involved in the demo reel review process at a number of companies, and know what studios are looking for in an A+ demo reel. Animators I have mentored have gone on to do incredible work at studios like Pixar, Cinesite, and The Mill.

Below you will find descriptions of the services I offer designed to fit any need and budget. If you are interested in taking your skills to the next level, use the form below to get in touch for a free consultation of what package might be right for you.

"I had the extreme pleasure of having Aaron as one of my mentors when I started out in animation. I've learned a great deal from him and what it means to bring a character to life in animation."

-Montaque Ruffin  (Pixar)


"Oh wow! Awesome notes..."

-Ryan Zale (Blue Sky Studios)

  • Shot Review* $29.99

One 20-30 minute in-depth recorded video review of a single shot or sequence of shots (can be WIP shots).

"...did not expect such a detailed video, so that's really appreciated!..."

-Chris Daniels (Freelance Animator)

Sample Shot Review

"...the crits you have given me have always been very robust, easy for me to understand and follow so I can try my best to implement the changes you suggest."

-Joanne Raithby (Freelance Animator) 

  • Demo Reel Review* $49.99

One ~30 minute recorded video review of your entire demo reel with in-depth shot notes, as well as overall shot ordering, pacing, and length feedback. If I feel your reel is too long for example, I might suggest which shots I would remove, and if I feel it is lacking a certain type of shot, I will make suggestions on what type of exercise it makes sense to tackle next (e.g. this reel could benefit from a strong 2 character dialog shot).

"Aaron helped me take my demo reel to the next level. It was great working with him both in person and remotely. He tailored lessons around my goals, and I was able to make excellent progress over the year that we worked together."

-Bryan Silver 

Sample Demo Reel Review
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Session $69.99

One hour, live 1 on 1 session via webcam. You can use your time in this flexible session for demo reel or shot feedback, career questions and guidance, work flow suggestions, etc. based on your needs.  I can do short demos and even look at your maya files for ways to improve certain shots. You will also receive a recorded video of the coaching session. 

  • Full Coaching Package $699.99

Ten weeks of coaching, including a custom tailored game plan to take your reel to the next level, 10 weekly recorded shot reviews, bi-weekly 30 minute  live sessions, exclusive early access to my pre-recorded tips and tricks video lectures, 1 year of ongoing email support and career guidance. (limited availability)

For a free email consultation, questions, or to schedule a session please fill out the form below.


*Please allow up to 3 days from receipt of payment to receive shot or demo reel critique video. 

**All payments must be made through either Paypal, Venmo or Payoneer. Please check that your country supports one of these payment methods before proceeding.


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